Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The first part of our holidays after quading we decided to go up to Edmonton.  I really wanted to see Wicked and it was playing there.  Story about that to follow.  We stayed in several different hotels.  We stayed in a Hampton in (above) first night and it had an awesome pool.  Everyone had fun playing in it.  I loved how you could stand inside the water and then separate it with your hands.

All of us are water babies!  Don't you love Sean's hair sweater?  lol
Lots of jumping from the side to see who had the biggest splash.  I was the judge.  Sean won every time but London got the highest! 
It is like she runs in the air and actually gets higher and higher then drops.
Two cute girls
While we were there taste of Edmonton was on downtown.  It was so fun!  The weather was great and so we spend the afternoon sampling food.  We ended up spending $70!  It wasn't cheap but it was so fun to try all the yummies. 

Sam had a hard time deciding what she wanted to eat.  Pasta won out for the main dish.  She is such a tiny eater, that this was a huge meal!
I stopped my self from downing this to get a picture!  It is a deep fried Mars bar...super yummy!  I have always wanted to try one.
London loved these cool potato sticks.  I was to full to even have a bite.
Sean and I tried the exotic dishes and the girls stuck with the stuff they could recognize.  How can you go wrong with a chocolate dipped strawberry?
While in Edmonton we had to go the Legislature buildings.  I wanted to go at night and look at the lights so that you see the blue city but Sean was way to responsible and said it would hurt our eyes.  Gee, when did he get so old?  We had Bad butt Jacks our favorite wraps for a picnic there and went for a tour.  We went twice.  Once to eat and cool off and once to eat and go on the tour. 

Cooling off

The second time we went we made sure to bring swimsuits so that the girls could go in all the way.  I love that they allow you to wade in the fountains.  It was such a beautiful day then all the sudden the wind picked up and we had to run for cover as a huge rain storm hit.  Sean had gone to get towels and so we ran into the store there and tried to see him.  We waited and waiting and he didn't come so I knew he would be mad looking for us in the rain so we went out and found him.  I was right he was ticked.  Especially when we got a parking ticket for no reason.  We were parked where we were allowed and we weren't more that 2 hours.  Good luck fighting it though.  We haven't had any luck so far!

While in Edmonton we also stayed at West Edmonton Mall for two days in the hotel and walked every inch of the mall and did the water park.  It was especially fun as Sam had never been to Edmonton before.  It was good as it rained the days we were in the mall. 
* Update:  it is called Badass Jacks.  We love it but not the name so when London was little they had one in Medicine Hat so we called it Bad Butts and it has stuck!  lol


Kathy T. said...

What are bad butt jacks? Doesn't sound good...

Love your pics especially London and Sean and the girls together. When did she grow up?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha - you are a grown up now Kimara, you are allowed to say ass! BadAss Jacks it is called. ;)

Stephanie said...

So completely off the topic of your blog but I am so excited to see Londons hair so long again! When we first moved here it was so long and beautiful and I coveted it weekly.. Then she cut it all off and I mourned for a while. But I see it's back in all it's voluptuous glory!