Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where is Harry and Sally?

Everyone sitting on the big balls in front of the Space needle!  We went to Seattle two years ago but we decided it was to expensive to go up the space needle.  I have regretted it ever since.  So up we made sure to go this time.  It was beautiful and high! 

The views were amazing!  We had such good weather while we were there no rain or fog.

Like every tourist trap it was full of yup...tourists.  It was great to go up but It one of those things once you have seen it you won't do it again.

We went on vacation right after London went to EFY!  She loved it so much.  One of the things they did as a group was the egg beater.  One of the kids challenged everyone to do the egg beater where ever they go.  So of course she did it at the top of the Space Needle.

Last time we went to the EMP but this time we only went into the lobby which is soooo cool  They were featuring the movie Avatar.  They had a cool screen that you could stand in front of.  We went for the store.  They had amazing stuff (again Star Wars amazing geek stuff) Sean and London were in heaven and now we are proud owners of a set of Star Wars playing cards, that every time I try to use Sean freaks out and says they are for him to look at we don't touch? 
Monkey do, Monkey try to do!  Nice job London.
 While we were walking around by the Space Needle a scalper approached us and asked if we wanted to see the Basketball game.  It was going on right in the square.  It was WNBA.  As you all know we are huge basketball lovers.  We said no at first but then talked about it and Sean ran after the guy and we bought tickets.  $80 for all of us!  Well have you ever seen Women's basketball?  Lets just say it sucked!  I wasn't a fan.  It was so lame after you have been to Watch the Suns.  Everything is on such a small scale compared.  Seattle are huge fans of their girls though.  They don't have a guys team so they really support the girls.  They had some seriously crazy fans! 

 Maybe I was just to tired to appreciate the game the best part for me was hitting London and Sam over and over with the yellow bonkers we got!
Another Jam packed day in Seattle.  We didn't finish until late and so we got to see the beauty of the Space needle at night!


Jocelyn said...

Did you get freaked at the top of the space needle? We went up and I could hardly wait to get down! I love the picture of it at night. It's beautiful to look at. Glad you had a wonderful vacation

Mindy Halladay said...

Your trip sounds like lots of fun! You have some super fun pics of your cute family too!