Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holidays Part 2

After Seattle for our whirlwind trip, we headed to Coeur d'alene. We rented a house with the Mossey family for the week. While we were there we went to a couple of places featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. That is one of my favorite shows! It was so fun to try out some of the things Guy recommended. Jimmy's Down the Street was a great breakfast spot! Very yummy. They are famous for the below pecan rolls. We got one to go. We were much too full from breakfast.

London and her opponents in a game of basketball! She wishes she was that much taller than all the people she played against!

Tyler was much harder to beat! London loves to play basketball with Tyler and always tries to do the drills he wants her to do! She wishes he could be her coach.

This is what we did most, once all the kids were asleep. We love to play games! Rook and Canasta are some of our favorites! I tried to get a picture with Amy and all her snacks. Don't get me wrong, we all snack, but she loves her food! She can put away a whole bag of chips easily! I can't believe she is so skinny! Not fair

They had a beautiful beach and waterfront just down from our rental house! While Tyler was golfing one afternoon we went down to play all day! Here are the players. Maddie

As you can see from this picture, we just call her "Cheeks"

London the "Enforcer". She looks sweet but look out!

Sammy...."the Chicken" who changes her name to "the brave" later in the day

You really have to look at these pictures big! They make me laugh. London and Jarom are such hams for the camera! They are the best of friends and love to hang out!

Jack in the background "the sneak". He is about to karate chop Jarom "the goof".

He is then tackled by "the enforcer"

Who then recruits "the sneak" because of his muscles and sneaky skills

Showing off her muscles, she is then poked by the "Goof". She later makes him pay!

That speckle out there is them on the paddle boat. They wanted to rent one...crazy! I am suckered into it every time or one of those water trikes, they are so much work!

Meanwhile back at the beach "Super Charlie" shows up and flies around showing off his cape of many colors.

He then turns into "the don" and commands the next hit, well, that or a nun singing "how do you solve a problem like Maria"?

The whole clan out paddling. Just Charlie and I stayed back!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!


Lisa C said...

I love your vacation posts - who needs your own holiday when you can tag along with the Whites!?!

Kathy T. said...

Ohh, that looks like fun! We'll have to learn all your tips for getting the good vacay rentals. The duck tour looked like fun too! I'm looking forward to you blog post on your schedule!

Jocelyn said...

You really take vaca seriously!

Joanne said...

so. much. fun.
so. very. jealous.
excited. for more posts!!!!