Monday, September 19, 2011

Rain rain go away * update come back!

I found an old post I didn't post so I guess there are two post today.  This spring was the rainiest spring ever!  I could believe every day was rain and more rain.  I had never seen everything so green.  This is Brigham trying to be happy with the rain everyday.

Funny but his Summer has been the hottest and driest.  Once it stopped raining it got hot Hot HOT!  I loved it!  But I have to admit I miss some of the rain.  Everything including my skin turned into a dried up raisen!  We haven't had rain for about 6 weeks not a drop!  It threatens but then nothing falls.  Today is suppose to we will see.  Just like a typical Albertan I am never happy with the weather!


Kathy T. said...

I've missed a few posts! Looks like Seattle was a blast! I'd love to go - we got stuck there at the airport once but that doesn't count. I'm glad you got to see Wicked. It is so great!

Stephanie said...

I would so take rain over the white stuff that is soon to come. Booooooo!