Friday, September 30, 2011

Final Day in Spokane Part 1

 One more post after this one and the vacation pictures are over.  I still have a few summer pictures but then it is the end of  We loved this park so much we wanted to travel the 45 minutes to play in it with the Mossey family.
 I tried to get everyone on the slide but Charlie just wanted to go down and we couldn't convince him and Sam was with him so this is as close as we got!

 I think this picture turned out great especially trying to get that many people to look and smile!  They are such a cute family
 The boys all got balloon swords and Maddie her very own poodle.  The didn't last very long.  I knew they would pop so we got the pictures immediately.

 We went on a gondola to look at the waterfalls.  I was so excited I love these rides.  Until I got inside and figured out it is all glass, a little window and +30 outside.  Wowzers was it hot and stuffy!  I wanted them to speed up and get the ride over.

 They were doing construction on the dam so the water was way down and the falls weren't as spectacular as they should have been.  I still thought they were beautiful.  I wished I could dive in at this point as sweat rolled down my face!

 There were these cool metal sculptures of people running.  So we got in between them and did some poses.
 I love this shot of Tyler! 
 Do you see the crowd of Metal people catching up behind everyone?

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Lynn Wilson said...

These pictures are awesome Kimara. You guys had a blast. I love all of them. It makes me wish for summer again!