Friday, September 23, 2011

Ride the ducks!

Yesterday was my 80th Post!  YIPPEEE!  My first year of my blog I did 30, the second year I did 51 and now this is my 81st!  I am going for 3 figures this year!  I wonder sometimes if people read it and get sad at the lack of comments, but then realize it is for me anyway.  I print off the years blog and have them as my scrapbook and journal.  A special thank you to all of you that do read it and cheer for my family and I.  It is nice to have support out there.
We went and rode the ducks!  I wasn't to sure about it I thought it might be lame but it ended up being so fun!  These little quackers that we have are a blast.  We quacked away to songs on the boat and it was so funny!  We had an great guide that let us know all the in's and outs of Seattle.

Boarding the duck!
I love the vines on this building.  I want my barn covered like that!
Here is hoping we don't need the life jackets!  I remember one of the ducks in Ottawa sunk one year.
Another boat going from Land to water.
A real duck! 
Enjoying the cruise!  I loved floating in the water.  The sun was going down it was the perfect time of day.
Aren't these floating houses amazing.  People live on them all year.  Others they rent out.  The smallest on there was worth over 2 million dollars!!!  It is expensive property.

The sky line I see on Grey's all the time!  It was fun as we watched it last night trying to see all the places we went!

This is where one of the episodes of Amazing race started.  I kind of remember it.  It is a park full of old refinery buildings.  There were going to take it all down but the people wanted it to stay. 
Closer look at the floating houses. 
If you ever want to hear how annoying these quackers can get come on over and I will send them home with your kids!


Lisa C said...

floating houses?!? cool!

boysmum2 said...

Blogs usually end up just for your own amuzement, but I do read it, honest, just not great at commenting. We have a duck ride here in Rotorua, NZ, will have to consider taking the boys on it one day

Anonymous said...

Those quackers sure would Have gotten on my nerves after the fun of them left. My kids would not stop until .......