Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go ahead and Jump!

This is a continuation of our beach day!  While on the beach we saw a bunch of crazy boys jumping and doing jumps off this bridge.  I, being the responsible parent, wanted them to jump off so I could take pictures.
This is them peering over the edge seeing if it is deep enough.
Off she goes!
This is where Sam got the name "the Chicken".  She just watched.  When we went to Silverwood she wouldn't even go on the simplest of rides.  She stressed out and almost had an anxiety attack over everything.  I think it is because she has never done amusement parks and because she was raised mostly by grandparents.  You know how chicken we all get the older we get.  It was very frustrating because she was missing out on all the fun because of imagined "what ifs". 

This is Adam,"silent but deadly"  He is quieter than Jarom but misses nothing.

Now they are really getting into showing off their jumping skills

Sam actually got to the edge of the Bridge and checked it out but still wouldn't jump despite my telling her to!

The classic Spin in the air!
This is the sign that is posted on the bridge.  We saw it from the beginning but obviously ignored it! 

Trying to do tricks in the water, make a floating star.  It didn't work out very well,  I think everyone needs the same length of arms!
Trying for an artistic picture of everyone looking into the distance.

Sean came later in the day.  We finally convinced Sam she is missing out on way too much of life because of her fears and she needs to try and overcome them, that they are silly and in her head.  She would only jump with Sean promising to be at the bottom.
Of course, once she finally tried it, she loved it and did it many times by herself after that first jump!

The running man mid air!
Doing bigger and bigger jumps!
This is the "enforcer" getting her revenge for the poke earlier in the day!  These pictures make me chuckle. When you enlarge them you can really see their faces.

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Janet Perkins said...

I wish I was there to jump. Looks like tons of fun :)