Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who's that walking over my bridge!

 Well I bet you never knew there was a troll living under the bridge in Seattle!?  Just before we left I looked up some fun things to see and this one made the weird list!  We just had to go. 
 I don't know what I expected but this really wasn't it.  It is huge and UGLY.  It was fun to crawl on for a minute and say we saw him.
 London yet again doing the egg beater.
 They were doing a lot of construction in the area but they were not allowed to touch or move the troll so they have to work around him.  I guess thousands come and climb on him every year and so he is protected.  That is a hub cap for his eye.
 Look at the size of those hands!  That is a real Volkswagon bug under his hand. 
 I had to get my picture with him.  I am avoiding pictures as much as possible these days because I have gotten so fat, but I know I have to be in some.
 Yup you guessed it he lives on Troll Ave.  When you go to Seattle you will have to visit him and say hi from us.

 Downtown Seattle they have this awesome dome that is a spray park.  We love to go and cool off.  The girls had a great time playing around in the water.  It wasn't quite warm enough to convince me to go!
 YUp....again beating those eggs.
 Sam trying to get London to lay back on the dome.  They didn't play very long.  They wanted to dry off while the sun is still hot.
 London was stretched out on her towel when a seagull pooped on her towel!  A big one.  Good thing it missed her.  Look at her face!  This is her cleaning it off.


JRoberts said...

One time when my brother was yelling at a seagull for taking his pooped IN HIS MOUTH! Super disgusting, but funny for all of us Sibs! :)

Love the troll. I have read a few of the posts. Great vacation!

Jocelyn said...

I love the look on London's face! That troll is sweet.

ewww to Jaime's comment! but funny

Lisa C said...

troll=awesome! poop=notsomuch:(