Thursday, September 8, 2011


 Lunch time!  Usually I have the cooler strapped to the front of my quad.  I am so glad that dad's Wolf was along I didn't have to pack anything.  It has a trunk in the back.  I love eating out of doors.  Everything just tastes better for some reason.
 This is at our campsite.  If you follow this little path it takes you down to the river.  The girls wanted to go down and check out the water and maybe take a swim.  It was to cold for this chicken but I went along to watch.
 Do you see what I see?  Sam spotted this right away!
 Built right into the wall was a nest full of these little birds.  Aren't they amazing.  They look just like rock!  The girls touched them so that I could see them move.  They were blended in so well to the wall even when you were right there it was hard to spot them.
 If you click on the picture they get bigger.  Here is momma and daddy they were a bit worried about us being so close to their babies.  Anyone know what kind of birds these are?
 There was this awesome little spot carved out from the river it was a little pool.  I wanted them to duck all the way in.  It was pretty cold so I ended up having to pay them to do it.  I remember my mom would always pay a loonie if you would go into the water when it was freezing.  I guess we are all motivated by some money!  Inflation is killing me it cost me $5!

 They jumped off this rock into the river.  It was moving really fast so I was a bit stressed.  London is a really strong swimmer but it is still scary in a river. 
 ready set go!

 Brrrr.....she got out of there fast!
 I told you I would do it!
 Sam took some convincing but she jumped into the shallow water.
All in all it was a really fun afternoon especially as I didn't have to get wet.


Jocelyn said...

Oh that super fun paralyzing freezing cold water! Those birds are so cute! I could not see them until I clicked on it. They must have been super still!

Anonymous said...

Cute chicks! (the ones in the swimsuits and the ones in the nest) :)

The picture isn't really good enough to give a definitive identification of your adult birds, but based on where they nested, the size and colouration of the adults and the bill length, I am tempted to say some kind of flycatcher (and our Bio dept. bird expert concurs). :D Very cool.

But you shouldn't encourage your kids to touch wildlife! Both for the girls well-being and that of the birds!


Stephanie said...

Mmmm food really does taste better outdoors! I would have been sitting there with ya taking pic of all the jumps ;)