Monday, September 19, 2011

Seattle harbor

 Well here was our first view of Seattle.  We got in about 1 in the afternoon but because it was a last minute trip we didn't book hotels.  So we headed down town first thing to try and find a hotel.  I took about 4 hours!  So many of the hotels downtown looked grubby so we tried all the ones that looked good and they were all booked up or hundreds of $$$.  So we went to a star bucks so we could use our i-pads to find a place.  We would then call and try to book it.  This went on through 4 different Starbucks.  We ended up trying one of the first places we saw but didn't ended up being really nice inside and a great price.  We only had Wednesday- Saturday afternoon in Seattle so it is too bad we wasted so much time trying to find hotels! 
 We went to one of my favorite stops first.  I love Pikes Market.  I think that it is one of my top 10!  I love the flowers.  I can't believe that you can get a huge bunch of flowers for $5-$10.  They would cost $70 here.  I had to buy one on our way back for the house we rented. 
 Looking at the cool fish!  I wish I had somewhere to cook while there I would have bought some yummy sea food.
 Worlds most famous pig!
 We found a cool collector store full of super hero and star wars things.  Both of which are London's favorites.  So her and her dad spent and hour in the one shop!
 I love all the street vendors.  I can't believe this guy drags a piano down to the market!
 This guy was cool and trained his pigeons to come for treats!

 I think all my favorite places are on the ocean.  It is just so different from our prairies.  We went Ivar's for lunch.   Yummy yummy fish and chips.  Not that we ate the chips...the seagulls ate them all.  This is a favorite thing to do.  I bet these seagulls all die from heart attacks.  They survive on French fries.

 London trying to get one to take it from her mouth!

 Sam was a little worried at first and would bring her arm in as they came to get the fry.  She soon got the hang of it. 

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Lorudd Richlynn said...

I have had fun enjoying your trip. Sounds like a great time. Where did summer go?