Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let the Adventure begin

The first day we arrived and set up camp then went for a little quad ride.  The next morning after a big breakfast we were off to the mountains.  We took a trail that would have taken us all the way to Waterton.  It was a great trail with beautiful views!  It wasn't to hard and the road wasn't to muddy.  We traveled almost as far as we could go.  I am not sure how many miles?
I love the above picture.  Sean is helping me across a little stream and London is pointing where I should step.  My family really thinks I need taking care of and I am spoiled all around.

The terrain went from rocky to muddy.  London is a very good quader like her dad.  She doesn't seem to be scared of anything and has the skills needed to ride on difficult terrain.  I on the other hand have a big tank of a quad that goes anywhere but it is like driving a tank.  Plus I have another person on the back so it is way harder to maneuver.  London spent most of her time looking back and checking that Grandpa and I are still coming.

The quad train.
My sweetheart!  I never can get enough flowers!  This spring was really rainy so the wild flowers were beautiful up in the mountains.

Three days quading and these are the only wildlife we saw!  A butterfly and some cows!  I swear I heard a bear once though! 

Look at those muscles!

 While we were riding we came across a camp that must be a hunters or fisherman's camp.  They just throw a tarp over and they are set.  It was right by the river so we stopped for a little break and to take a tour.  They have it set up really well! 

 London has always loved rocks since she was a little kid.  It never failed on laundry day each little pair of pants had rocks in the pockets.  She found a cool rock that looks like and arrow!  Everything is looking up!
 Stream and river crossings are my favorite thing to do!  I just love them.  It was a beautiful day not to warm but not cold either.  You had to wear a hoodie to keep the chill off.
 Two cute girls we found on the trail.

 Grandpa was the keeper of toilet paper.  I love this picture.  He is teasing them that they can only have 3 squares.  If you look in the tree's you can see them finding their bathroom spot!  Boys have it so much easier than girls!  London would never go very far into the bush as she is scared of....I don't know what.  But she is a big chicken!

 The trail got a little dicey in spots.  This is Sam getting a little bit nervous.  What did she get herself into?
 Grandpa is A- OK!  Dad's hip has been really bothering him so we were worried that this would be too much for him but he was amazing!  I can't believe that at his age he is still going and going.  I am so proud!

Look at these beautiful views.  I am always way behind as I have to soak in everything.  The mountains are so beautiful.


Jocelyn said...

If London is like me she could be afraid of bears.

Looks like so much fun!

Kathy T. said...

Ohh, looks like fun! I'd be a little nervous too.