Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Start of Summer Quadding

Well right after Quest we came home, Sam moved in we packed up and we went on our annual quad adventure to Beaver Mines area. We drove and drove looking for a new place to camp but ended up with our old site as it was the best and is close to the river.

Here is the cast of this trip!

Grandpa Geezer...the Lone wolf

Samantha, Sammie also know as Sam. She is the newbie

London, Kiddo, Boo and Lonnie lue-00. She is the laugh maker

Sean the axe man! hee hee

Blossom the scrounger and guard dog (so scary!)

Big momma or the fun spoiler. I worry about safety. Yup London and Sean kept picking wild flowers for me so I put them in the zipper for safe keeping!

This is the place! Here is our annual camp site. We bought a folding picnic table and I love it! I love eating right by the river and listening to it all night.

The Beast! This is our awesome motor home! We love it she is an old girl. We love the growl of the beast engine. One night it rained and of course she leaked! So Sean had to sleep in the girls bunk and the three of us slept in the back. Before we could go the water heater had broken over the winter so we had to replace that $400 and then it ruined the wood floor so Sean had to put in a new one. She is really starting to cost us money so we may have to replace her.

*** Note to Sean I may be getting old, I know I leak and I growl but please don't replace me for a younger better model! Thanks

Here are our rides....waiting patiently to go see the mountains.

I have tons more pictures to share and scary adventure stories. I will add more tomorrow.


Stacey said...

London is sooo cute! Looks like your camping trip was a blast! The picture of the 'quad family' will probably make Lane squeal.

Stephanie said...

Hahaha don't worry Kimara you are irreplaceable !

Jocelyn said...

I love your note to Sean. He would be NUTS to replace you.

And there is nothing wrong with being worried about safety. Someone has to!

Joanne said...

you are hilarious and SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! what lucky ducks you are to go quading.

Mindy Halladay said...

You HAVE had a busy summer! So many fun things! I loved seeing (and hearing about) London's slip and slide party! You are such a great mom!