Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh to be young again!

 We have a chicken that has been laying some double yolker eggs.  The poor chickens every morning about 8 am you can hear them clucking which turns into painful clucking.  I don't know how to describe it but I know they are pushing and feeling a ring of fire! 
 We didn't know for sure it was a double yolker but sure enough it is! MMMM.
 Above is a chicken egg, below a goose egg!
 London had one of her parties in July and invited a bunch of kids out to quad an play games.  Teegan H. was up in our barn and London said "be careful there are some loose boards".  Teegan being the funny guy said "this one" and stomped down his foot and just like the old slap stick movies the board came up and smacked him on the head.  Poor guy.  Every one was killing them self laughing at that one!

 Here is the hole.
 They had an airplane flying contest from the top of the barn.  It was a cool wet spring and this day was no different.  It had poured rain just as the party started.
 Here you can see the airplanes flying
 Nice facial expression!  She is channeling all her power to get it to fly straight.

 Poor Brigham thought he was being helpful and collected the airplanes for them!
 Oh ya,  Mud mud and more mud.  They didnt' care that it was raining they loved quading in the mud!  Look at the foot wear behind them in the doorway.  Some of the girls wear that for shoes on the quad!  I had tons of laundry that day as all the girls were wearing London's clothes!
I love London's friends.  Teenagers are so full of energy it is fun having them around.


Stephanie said...

I want to be a teenager at your house!! Poor Teegan.. But that's hilarious.

Jocelyn said...

You have so much fun out there! I am glad I am not a chicken!