Monday, September 26, 2011

Gum, gum and more gum!

This is a picture of me on our final day I had to go back to Pikes Market and buys some flowers for our rental house!  I still can't believe that these cost only $10!  That was a huge arrangement.  It would be $70 here I think.

Before we left I heard about another weird sight down Post Alley!  Doesn't this look like what you thing Diagon alley looks like!  I loved it.  It is hard to do it justice with a camera.
I have been dying to post this sooner but I waited, I didn't want to ruin the order.  In this Alley is an old theater.  Before people went into it they would stick their gum to the wall (since the 60's I believe)  The City has scraped it off over and over but finally gave up and use it as a tourist attraction!  See the amount of people above waiting for their turn at the wall!
The Egg beater of course
I couldn't believe it when I saw the amount of gum!  We bought a bunch of gum for the occasion.  Here is London and Sean sticking it!  Take note where it is so when you go you can say hi!

Sean using his height to his advantage!

I love the look on Sam's face.  She wasn't so eager to have her turn but of course I made her. 

Look at the icicle effect!  Isn't it so gross!  Some of the gum was dripping in spit so I actually gagged a couple of times!   I wasn't going to do it but I would have been mad at myself later!
My look says it all!

London and Sam really started getting into it and quickly chewed up more pieces.
Some one taking a picture actually leaned against it by accident...ewwwww.
Notice the sign between her!  There are always more pictures of London as she is a picture queen always asking for this or that pose!  She always looks so cute too, unlike her mom!
Post Alley we miss you and we will return!


Anonymous said...

Yuckaroo. I wouldn't have touched that wall for anything.


JRoberts said...

I have heard of this alley. I have always wanted to see it in "real life". I guess I am well suited to boys because that sounds like fun to me! :)

Steph said...

Hahaha sooooo sick!!!